Best Cheap Headphone Adapter for iPhone

So it's the holidays and I'm looking for gifts. Finding a good gift for everyone is time consuming for me. I'm cheap and don't like spending a lot of money but can usually sometimes find something awesome by biding my time and being clever.

When I found out a good friend of mine was getting a new phone -- an iPhone XR -- I thought to myself, excellent, first rate, superb, that's a present. You see, this friend has a pair of headphones they like to use, and they're the old fashioned kind of headphones. You know, the good 'ol wired deal with the 3.5mm audio jack on one end, a cable in the middle -- or cables I guess -- and headphones on the other end. But these new iPhones don't have audio jacks. Just the one lightning port. And wireless. But no little 3.5mm port for an audio jack. So the hunt was on for an adaper. Or a dongle if you will.

After much searching, I chose Apple's lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter. I was able to pick one up for under $10 and I expect nothing less than greatness from it. I will report back with the results after much testing.

Overall I was disappointed with the market for these adapters. I like the one that Apple makes, but so far that's really the only one I like. Most of the options seemed too big, too heavy, or too expensive, or awkwardly shaped, or all of those things combined. After getting used to Anker making such good smartphone cables that's kind of just what I've come to expect and I was actually kind of surprised that my favorite option would be from Apple, although it really makes sense, I mean, they make the phone after all. There are certainly cheaper options out there than the one I chose, but the price for this thing seemed fairly reasonable to me.