Best Cheap Tech Gift Ideas

Looking for cool tech gifts that won't make your wallet sad? These are the best cheap gift ideas I could come up with in 2018. Everything from organization to cats. Check out these really clever, super cheap gift ideas.

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Bamboo iPhone Apple Watch Charging Stand

Check out this awesome little stand on Amazon. Because keeping stuff organized is kinda great. This compact little block of bamboo keeps smartphones and watches nice and tidy. A nice accessory for the night stand or desk.

The charging cables aren't built into the stand, so it shouldn't be a big deal using pretty much any smartphone with this thing, so long as it isn't bigger than the biggest iPhone. Might not work so great with bulky cases.

Likewise, it is possible to use other watches with the stand. Obviously, a regular old watch will work just fine. But also certain other smart watches work. The shape of the slot for the charger is pretty specific, however, there's an opening where a cable can be fed through for, say a fitbit.

Raspberry Pi Zero


See the Zero at adafruit. The Raspberry Pi is a really cheap, really tiny, really awesome computer, perfect for DIY projects and learning more about programming. The Raspberry Pi Zero is newer, smaller, and even cheaper. It's also slower, has fewer ports, and the version without the W in the name doesn't have built in wifi. So I guess it's the dongle life. Still, this thing is awesome and could make a great gift for that certain someone. See specifications and more about the Raspberry Pi Zero on their website.


I love books, and I also love audiobooks, and I also love Audibe. I have been using Audible for years and I am a big fan. The app is great, I've used it both on iOS and Android. I think books are reasonably priced with a monthly subscription. If I don't use a book credit one month it rolls over into the next month. Check out Audible here.

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Headphones

These are another personal favorite that I have been using for years. They aren't the best headphones ever, and the sound ins't the greatest. HOWEVER, I have had many pairs of headphones over the years that were MUCH more expensive and weren't that great. For the price I just think these things are fantastic. Expect a more in depth headphone review soon.

Astronaut USB LED Light

When this adorable little guy isn't out on space missions he doubles as a reading light. Works with a powered USB port. Use it with a USB battery pack and you've got a nice portable reading light. Plug it into a laptop USB port to be able to see the keyboard at night. Pick one up on Amazon.

Flipping the visor open/closed turns the light on/off.

Dino Notes Dinosaur Sticky Notes

Not tech exactly. Unless you're a dinosaur. If you're a dinosaur than paper is super high tech. Get ready for that dinosaur with the best memory award.

Laptop Stickers

Because who doesn't like stickers. No one. Right? Laptop stickers are awesome.

PencilCozy for the Apple Pencil

Have an Apple Pencil or know someone who does? Worried about the cap rolling away or getting lost in some other imaginative way while it's charging? The PencilCozy is kind of like a tiny, adorable little lanyard for the pencil cap. Take the cap off, it's still connected to the pencil. Made of high quality silicone. Stays snugly in place. Matches the white pencil color nicely and doesn't stand out too much.

Functioning Leonardo da Vinci Catapult

Based on a Leonardo da Vinci design this little kit includes precut wood pieces to build a functioning model catapult

Funny Mousepads

Because not funny mousepads are boring. I'm pretty fond of the no prob-lama mouse pad.