Why I'm buying an iPhone 6s Plus instead of a Kindle Voyage

  • By Christopher Kielty, last updated May 8, 2018
  • iPhone 6s Plus pros
  • Color display
  • Higher pixel density (~ 401 ppi vs 300 ppi)
  • Better for viewing images
  • It’s also a smartphone/fewer devices to carry
  • Much better format support

  • Kindle Voyage pros
  • A better reading experience

I was about to pull the trigger on the new Kindle Voyage when I had a complete change of heart and decided to upgrade my phone instead. I have an iPhone 5s right now and I read a lot of eBooks on it. I found myself wanting a better reading experience so naturally I turned to the Kindle. I know there are other e-readers out there. But I’ve always secretly wanted a kindle.

Anyway, I was looking at the Kindle Voyage (I keep wanting to write Voyager) when I realized just how good the iPhone 6s Plus display is.

vsiPhone 6s PlusKindle Voyage16,000,000 colors401 ppi pixel density5.5"1080x1920 resolution16 grey levels300 ppi pixel density6"1080x1430 resolution

In the Kindle Voyage pros I almost wrote, “better screen.” But then I realized the iPhone not only has a color screen, it has a higher pixel density. I know, I know, pixel density and color aren’t everything. The Kindle is really good for reading books. But truth be told I think the reading experience on the 5s isn’t all that bad. Glare has never really been an issue, although this is an area where the Kindle’s screen is superior.

Also, I like being able to quickly reference a section of a book. A good tablet or smartphone with a snappy well thought out interface is tough to beat for this purpose. I know that e-readers typically support highlighting, notes, search, etc. But the few that I have tried (mostly Kindles) weren’t very responsive and it took me a lot longer to do this kind of thing than it would on my phone.

Then there’s format support. Most of my reading material is in EPUB, PDF, plain text/markdown, and some MOBI. Using various apps my iPhone supports all of this. The Kindle only supports MOBI. Now, I know it is possible to convert a PDF or EPUB into MOBI and the process can even be more or less automated. This just seems like such a pain to me.

Really liking the idea of not having more devices than I need to, I decided to go with the 6s plus over the Kindle. If I find myself still wanting something better for reading, I may still get a Kindle.