HTML Line Break <br> Element

The line break <br> is useful for making line breaks, or carriage returns if you will, happen in places where a regular carriage return might be ignored.

This Subheading Uses a Line Break Tag
Which Makes it into Two Lines

For example, the <h2>, above, uses a <br> to make it into two lines. Here's the HTML

<h2>This Subheading Uses a Line Break Tag<br>
Which Makes it into Two Lines</h2>

I've added an actually carriage return after the line break, but this is just to make it easier for me to look at and isn't actually necessary.

The line break element <br> has been around for a while and is well supported among browsers. These little guys are sometimes very useful but shouldn't be used in place of, say, a paragraph <p> or what have you.

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