HTML Page Title <title> Element

By Christopher Kielty, Published Jan 21, 2019, Updated Jan 24, 2019
  <title>Page Title</title>

The title of a webpage is made by placing text within opening <title> and closing </title> tags. This is typically displayed near the top of the browser window, often in a tab. In Safari 12, <title> is employed as the default text when a page is bookmarked and I imagine this is probably the same or similar in other browsers. Title isn't the same thing as the main heading, but often whatever I'm putting in my <h1> I'm also putting in my <title> -- or something similar. Page titles like to go in the metadata <head> element -- not <header>.

HTML tags within the <title> element will probably be ignored. To get tags to just appear in the title, like on this page, use entity names/numbers for the opening < and closing > brackets.

<title>Page Title &lt;title&gt; Element</title>